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9.18.10 @ 2:13pm

Second show this year....

I'm really picking up some steam now...  Had a lovely show in July at Korkage in SW Portland.  I performed with my good friend Cheryl Hollatz-Wisely who plays percussion, and we had so much fun, we just had to book another show.  Who knows...maybe we'll even see a third show before the year's end.  Crazy!
Hope you'll check us out on October 15th, 6:00 p.m. at Mississippi Pizza in North Portland.  I hope to have another friend or two join us on stage for a few tunes.  
Despite my lack of performing over the last few years, I've still been writing.  And, I'm teaching myself to play the piano.  God bless my partner, Mary, for putting up with ain't pretty, but it sure is fun.
10.13.09 @ 11:09pm

Back on the Stage

I'm looking forward to climbing back on the horse...or the stage in this case.  After a long hiatus from performing, I have booked a show for Sunday, November 1st at the Alberta Street Pub (NE 11th and Alberta, Portland, OR).  The Alberta Street Pub is a sweet little listening room that features many local and touring acoustic artists.   There is a pub menu and a variety of tasty beers.


Despite my lack of performing, I have continued to write a number of new tunes, some of which have been influenced by my job at OHSU and the people I've met and come to know.  I'm looking forward to sharing.

Hope you can make it out to the show.  Please tell your friends.


5.24.07 @ 11:51pm
Dear friends and fans:

In case you were wondering, I have not dropped off the face of the musical world entirely….no, I just got a day job. My life here in Portland has changed substantially over the last few months, and I thought I´d write to catch you up on things.

A couple of months ago, I accepted a position at the Oregon Health and Science University (also known as OHSU). My title is Sr. Human Resources Business Partner, and I´m pretty much doing the kinds of things I did in my previous day job – human resources work related to labor and employee relations. I enjoy the work and my co-workers, and I feel that I can make a contribution, which is always a nice thing to do in an organization. Also, the day after I accepted the position with OHSU, my partner, Mary and I bought a house. And, a few weeks later, just after I started my new job, we moved in. So, you can see that keeping up with my music promotion has been kind of tough for me lately.

No worries, though. I anticipate continuing my music career on a part-time basis in and around the Portland area. There are numerous opportunities here, and over the next few years I hope to be able to take advantage of them. In the mean time, I´ll keep singing and playing, and of course, writing new tunes. I feel that my best songs are yet to come, but I´ll let you be the judge of that.

Thank you to those of you who have dropped me a line recently to say hello. All is well in Portland. I hope all is well on your end, too.

With much love and gratitude,

1.23.07 @ 6:51pm
Had a terrific weekend in Austin, TX! My first performances in the area. A stand out show at the Barker House Concert series…a wonderful, warm audience willing to take a chance on an unknown artist.

Caught only one day of sunshine in the sunny south, but took in plenty of the delightful, local cuisine – breakfast tacos, late night gingerbread pancakes, a big ´ole fat Texas steak…and, margaritas, of course!
11.21.06 @ 7:05pm
Just got back from a fabulous Folk Alliance conference in Sacramento, CA. There is some amazing talent here on the west coast! I spent most of my time at my booth in the exhibit hall meeting industry professionals and other artists. When I wasn´t in the exhibit hall, I was performing short sets in the hotel rooms at what are called "Guerilla Showcases", or I was enjoying other talented artists… or I was napping. Music conferences are great for inspiring the spirit!
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